Over 50 Years of Field Experience

Guardian Environmental Products has roots from over 50 years of experience in chain and flight clarifiers.

We have seen the transition from cast iron systems to the development of non-metallics and cost competitive stainless steel systems. Through that experience we have witnessed design problems, compatibility issues and unique process considerations.

Guardian has applied those experiences in the design of our new systems. Working together directly with either the end user or their engineer, we are able to apply the best equipment for their needs. Through the Troll School we hope to further educate our customers and assist them in understanding the design process and alternatives.

Current Technical Articles

Guardian’s technical resource section of our website is intended to educate owners, operators and engineers on specific technical issues to improve understanding of their systems so that they can better understand and troubleshoot common conditions that we have learned through extensive field experiences. These periodic articles are distributed as The Troll School.

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Archived Troll School articles

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Other resources