May 12, 2013 – Ken Fuller to present on Chain and Flight Rectangular Clarifiers at NJWEA in Atlantic City, May 14th

Kenneth Fuller, Sr. VP of Marketing and Engineering at Guardian Environmental Products, Inc. will be presenting on Rectangular Clarifier Repair and Rehabilitation (Wednesday May 14th, 2:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.)

ABSTRACT:  This presentation will address specific considerations when evaluating rectangular clarifier operation, maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation.  When inspecting existing chain and flight rectangular clarifier mechanisms we will address what to look for, where is wear exhibited and what can be the cause.  How to properly adjust your system to minimize wear.  When considering repair or component replacement what options are available and the pros and cons for those options including wear, performance, longevity, and cost.  When considering component replacement or complete rehabilitation consider your plant specific operating conditions, load, grit, chemicals, speed, etcetera to determine the best and most cost effective solution.  Also consider in-plant rehabilitation or engineer designed options.  The presentation will include a combination of actual hands-on products, samples and video to to support discussion.

This presentation will qualify for Wastewater Treatment Operator’s credit, NJDEP No. 03-02 14 22 3-0 (TCH Hrs: 1 W&WW) and CPWM No. NJWEA-DLGS-790 Tech. 1 Hrs.

Moderator: Stephen Rozewski, Vice President, Bendlin Incorporated